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Embark on a transformative odyssey through the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures of Thailand. In the north, the tropical jungles, rolling hills, and serene waters of the Maekok River provide a breathtaking location for a service-based tour, where students engage with indigenous 'Hill Tribe' communities to address social, economic, and environmental challenges. Meanwhile, in the south, marine ecology meets animal conservation and service work in local schools. Here, students explore a mangrove forest and freshwater marsh, learn about sustainable fishing solutions, and participate in a conservation project aimed at reducing conflict between elephants and the local community.


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Sustainability Focus

The Hill Tribe communities of Northern Thailand encounter major issues in social, economic and environmental factors. This adventure will help students to understand causes, consequences and solutions to these problems. During this adventure, you will experience the complex interplay between marine ecology, human activities, and socio-economic factors. There are also opportunities to examine solutions towards a more sustainable and resilient future for both the communities and the marine ecosystem.

The service projects here focus on supporting the Hill Tribe communities. The students can take part in projects that are improving the education facilities in the region as well as teaching English to the local primary children. Students can also gain an insight into the work of NGO's and the Royal projects in the region. Students will be able to carry out service work with the local fishing community in Dolphin Bay and support the Bring the Elephant Home project in Kuri Buri National Park. All the projects on this adventure are part of the Meakok River Village's long term commitments of support.

Service Opportunities


This adventure begins in the bustling city of Bangkok before moving to the tropical jungles in the north. It then moves to the coastal southern part of this wonderful country.

We offer a range of itineraries for everyone including schools, 18-30 year olds and wildlife enthusiasts. Below is an example of a two-week trip for high school students. For group bookings, we are able to adapt the itinerary to suit your specific needs and preferences.


For shorter trips, you can focus on one or the two main destinations. Take a 7 day trip taking in the Hilltribes and Chiang Mai in the North, or focus on the nature conservation projects in the South.

Hill tribe communities often face marginalization and discrimination due to their distinct cultural practices, language, and traditional way of life. They may experience limited access to educational opportunities, healthcare, and basic services, which can hinder their social and economic development.

Access to quality education remains a challenge for hill tribe children. Cultural and language barriers lead to dropouts, limiting their opportunities for personal and professional development. The community work helps to ensure local children have access to schools with adequate facilities. They have also established a Special Needs Centre for students.


Kuri Buri National Park is the location of the elephant conservation study. The 'Bring the Elephant Home' NGO aims to promote coexistence between humans and elephants, reduce conflicts, and protect the natural habitat of elephants in the region. Their 'Tom Yum' project provides a holistic community-based approach to conservation.

This experience will foster greater awareness and appreciation for wildlife conservation and ethical tourism practices, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Students will get the opportunity to take a safari in the national park where they will be able to spot the elephants in their natural habitat, along with other animals such as the giant Gaurs (Indian Bisons), Sambar Deer and Macaques.


Students will have the opportunity to study the mangrove forest and freshwater marsh in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. Such ecosystems play critical roles in maintaining the health of our planet and providing various benefits to both the environment and human societies. Studying them is essential for gaining insights into the complex interactions between ecosystems, species, and the environment. It helps us appreciate their ecological, economic, and cultural values and informs policies and practices aimed at preserving these valuable natural resources for current and future generations.

marine ecology

The fishing communities in Dolphin Bay heavily rely on the health of the marine ecosystem for their livelihoods. A recent decline in fish stock has impacted the wellbeing of both the environment and those communities who are dependent on it. Students are able to examine the marine biodiversity in the area as well as the efforts being made for more sustainable fisheries management. There is a chance to carry out service work with the local fishing community with activities such as making habitats for shellfish from old fishing nets.

mangrove FOrest & Saltmarsh

fishing Community dolphin Bay

The Maekok River Village Outdoor Centre is a purpose-built education centre with accommodation, facilities and activities all designed with school groups in mind. The centre is owned and run by Bryan and Rosie Massingham, themselves ex-international school teachers. They partner with the Green Beach Resort, a serene and eco-friendly resort nestled near the picturesque Kui Buri National Park in Thailand. Set against the backdrop of lush tropical forests and pristine beaches the resort offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and sustainable hospitality, making it an ideal destination.



There are dormitory rooms for students and separate individual rooms for teachers. There is a range of options depending on your budget and all come with essential air conditioning.

Food & Drink

The restaurant at Maekok has wonderful views across the Fang Valley and Wa Wee Mountains. Thai food is one of the biggest highlights of this adventure.


The 'Bamboo Club' comprises a social area for students with a snack bar. They have facilities for snooker, table tennis, basketball and much more. There is even a swimming pool that students can use.

Optional Extras

The outdoor activity centre has onsite facilities and instructors for climbing, archery, bushcraft skills, Thai cooking, high ropes & confidence course. Offsite they also run rafting, kayaking, biking and hiking activities.

Thailand for All

If you like what you see but want to take a trip as a family or an individual then we can help!

Thailand offers a diverse and captivating landscape, rich cultural heritage, and myriad opportunities for adventure, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday experience. Our carefully selected adventure travel partners can offer an incredible array of trips to suit everyone. We can help find the right one for your dreams.

Here are just some of the possibilities we can arrange for you...

  • Cycling, biking and kayaking action adventure

  • Trekking amongst the hilltribes

  • Island hopping

  • Iconic Thailand tour

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