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Embark on a transformative odyssey through the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures of South Africa with Red Kite Adventures. From the rugged beauty of the Blyde River Canyon to the vast savannahs of Kruger National Park, immerse yourself in the wonders of the African continent. Engage in hands-on wildlife conservation efforts, forging a deeper connection with nature. Delve into the heart of township life, where the rhythms of community and tradition beckon. Through meaningful service work with local organisations, make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Join us for an unforgettable journey that combines adventure, cultural immersion, and impactful service in the mesmerising backdrop of South Africa.


Wildlife Conservation
Township Experience
Spectacular Scenery
History & Culture

Safari and wildlife guide training

Game drives

Elephant and rhino sanctuaries

Blyde River Canyon

Kruger National Park

Bushveld wilderness camp

Township homestay

Service opportunities

Soweto bike tour

Apartheid Museum

Traditional music & dance

Walk in another person' shoes

Sustainability Focus

This adventure covers so many of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The African wilderness is our Life on Land focus with conservation a major aspect of the safari guide training programme. There is also the opportunity to visit Elephant Whispers, a haven for orphaned elephants.

The time spent in South Africa also provides the opportuntity to be actively involved in the work to improve the lives of the disadvantaged people in both remote rural areas and the townships of Soweto and Kabokweni.

There are a wide range of service projects that we work with on this adventure. All are carefully selected by our wonderful partner, The African Schoolroom and its inspirational owner, Liz Mackintosh. The projects deal with a number of the SDG's from orphaned elephants to highly vulnerable children.

We work with a range of social equity projects including a day centre for handicapped children and domestic abuse victim support. We also work with a range of animal and wilderness conservation projects.

Service Opportunities


This adventure begins in Johannesburg and the historic township of Soweto. It then moves north west to White River in Mpumalanga. The journey continues through the spectacular Blyde River Canyon and iconic Kruger National Park.

We offer a range of itineraries for everyone including schools, 18-30 year olds and wildlife enthusiasts. Below is an example of a two week trip for high school students. For group bookings we are able to adapt the itinerary to suit your specific needs and preferences.


This itinerary is complemented with evening activities such as music and dance, stargazing, conservation talks.

On this adventure you will take part in an introductory training programme for safari and wildlife guides. This takes place in a remote bushveld camp in a Big 5 Reserve. You will get a crash course on the role of an eco tourism safari guide, including wildlife conservation, tracking skills and species identification. This hands on learning experience will teach you how you can minimise their impact on the environment and navigate the wilderness with care and respect.


Eco Camp Safari Guide Training

Experience what life is really like for people living within a township. Witness and take part in some of the inspirational work that takes place to improve the lives of those who are disadvantaged in life.

The journey begins in Soweto where you can enjoy a bike tour to experience its vibrant energy and rich history. At the Kabokweni township in Mpumalanga you will have a homestay with a local family. There you will also get to visit schools, markets and even a Sangoma (traditional healer). The townships are also a focal point for the service elements of the adventure.

township life

South Africa is a land of rich cultural diversity with a complex history. On this adventure you will have the opportunity to visit the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg to study the history of racial segregation, resistance and reconciliation.

The nation's rich heritage and traditions will also feature throughout the trip. You will be able to watch (and join in) traditional dance and music performances as well as learn the games played by the local children.

History & Culture

A South African adventure involves an array of accommodation, activities and meals that matches the diversity of it's people. Eco-tourism plays a crucial role in South Africa, as it not only showcases the country's stunning natural beauty but also fosters conservation efforts, supports local communities, and promotes sustainable development, ensuring the preservation of its diverse ecosystems for generations to come.



The variety of accommodation is a major highlight of this trip. From a backpackers hostel in Soweto, to safari lodges and a bush camp in the African wilderness.

Food & Drink

Almost all meals are included in the trip, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Where possible this will be locally sourced and traditional food of the region.


There are plenty of opportunities to mix with the local communities as well as make the most of the stunning surroundings on this adventure.

Optional Extras

We are always open to adapting the itinerary for any particular requests. You may want to spend more time on a service project or add adventure activities such as white water rafting.

South Africa for All

If you like what you see but want to take a trip as a family or an individual then we can help!

Our amazing local partner, The Schoolroom can help us design an amazing South African experience for everyone. If you want to travel individually, as a family or as part of a group, let us make all of the arrangements. We can sort everything including flights, accommodation and an incredible selection of sights and activities to suit everyone.

Here are just some of the possibilities we can arrange for you...

  • Wildlife Photography

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation

  • Adventure Activities

  • Geology/Geography

Our 100% financial protection applies to all bookings.

If you would like to find out more then please do get in touch. Give us a call or submit an inquiry below.

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